OOO Class Food Servis


Confectionery Factory «YOSHLAR» (OOO «CLASS-FOOD-SERVIS»), founded in 2003, is one of the largest confectionery companies of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The products of our factory under the brand name «CLASSIC» has a wide popularity not only in the market of Uzbekistan, but also in the neighboring countries of the CIS. Today confectionary «YOSHLAR» are:

- Modern confectionery equipment, skilled technicians, advanced production technology and packaging products;

- A wide range of classic chocolates with various fillings and additives, as well as products based on soft nougat and caramel;

- Different types of biscuits excellent taste and excellent quality, produced from high-quality raw materials.

Excellent quality confectionery products produced by the factory "YOSHLAR", provided by the use of natural, eco-friendly raw materials and high quality supplements. In the manufacturing process we are using cocoa butter and cocoa powder such famous brands as «Gerkens» (Cargill, Holland) and «De Zaan» (ADM, USA), «Altin Marka» (Turkey). The factory is constantly developing and improving the production of new types of confectionery products, updating the production capacity, introducing advanced technologies and processes. Not so long ago launched a line for the production of biscuits, which allows to produce up to 17 types of laminated and sugar biscuits, crackers. The priorities of the enterprise - assortment development, improving the quality of products, entering new markets, which further allows you to maintain a stable market position and reputation as a reliable partner. All products confectionery «YOSHLAR» manufactured without the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs).